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Monday, 21 April 2014


I finally got round to transforming the feature wall in my lounge with some wallpaper purchasedlast year.  I just needed that nice long Easter break to muster my enthusiasm to tackle the pattern matching.  The first day consisted of removing the length of dado rail from what should have been the chimney breast wall.  The holes were filled and sanded down then the wall was covered with lining paper.  Day two was marking where to begin wallpapering, I worked outward from the centre of the wall.  The pattern matching was not as daunting as I expected and after a few hours work the job was completed.  Now all that remains is to spray the mirror black and purchase some nice traditional black picture frames and some dainty prints to cover the huge expanse of wall.  I may even look for a nice fire surround that requires refurbishing in order to frame the lovely French stove making it more of a focal point to the room.  This has now inspired me to line the remaining walls before painting them in some new colours  to pull the scheme together.

The walls were in a pretty bad
state and required lining
prior to adding the patterned
Adding the final piece of lining
paper.  Goodbye pink paint

The new Art Nouveau paper
gives the room a lift
A black mirror and accessories
with make more of a focal point

I am very pleased with the finished effect and now need to work my magic with some black spray paint to bring the scheme together.

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