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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fresh Flowers 

Don't you just love fresh flowers.  I received these today totally out of the blue as a thank you gift for helping out my neighbours in a crisis.  The pink shades complement the decor in my lounge too with one wall being cerise pink and a selection of cushions in pink and black.  I will enjoy admiring these over the coming week.

My Back Garden    
I find myself taking advantage of the nice weather we are having nowadays and have taken to planting out some new herbs, rearranging existing ones and setting seeds in unused pots and containers.

I even recycle old containers for use in the garden.  As you will see from the attached pics I have used an old Belfast Sink which is bursting with thyme and I have recently planted some parsley in the same container.  I have also made use of an old tin bath and bucket in which I have planted mint and chives.   My plants and herbs appear to be thriving at the moment due to the warm climate.  Today I have made use of some aluminium cans which would have gone to recycling, I made some drainage holes in the bottom and I have planted out some chilli peppers and this space.

Monday, 2 May 2011

My favourite online shopping sites  
Heart Shaped Single Hook
 I would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of "Bombay Duck" a company based in London.    
Puppy Enamel Frame

 They sell everything from home accessories, door knobs, hooks, storage, photo frames and lighting to eating and entertaining - cake stands, place settings, mugs, tea towels and table accessories to name but a few.    

 All items sold on this site are original and unique with a certain quirkiness about them and a sense of fun. 
Teacup & Teapot Hooks
So if you are on the hunt for home accessories that are a little unusual  and unique don't forgot to visit Bombay Duck.   I am sure you will find something to suit your needs at an affordable price.