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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Transformation of an outdated bathroom 

This is another large project undertaken on my home, the task involved removing the old out of date burgundy bathroom suite, blocking up the back door to utilise a wasted passageway and to install French doors leading out to the garden, this would also become my new back door.  

The project required new plumbing in the shower room and plumbing for the washing machine, which was to be relocated from the kitchen into the utility room, a new partition wall to separate the shower and utility rooms and new lighting and sockets,  plasterwork and tiling.  It was only a small area and it was important to utilise every inch of space to the maximum.   I decided on grey slate tiles for the flooring, grey emulsion paint and a colour called Lime Sorbet as a contrast colour with black tiles in the utility area and white tiles with black trims in the shower room.  The shower room has been finished with chrome accessories and a beautiful 1920's figurine print.   Grey and black striped curtains add the finishing touch in the utility room and I am sure you will agree it has all come together well.

The shower room   

The utility room   

Thursday, 21 April 2011

A herb cabinet revamped
My herb storage cabinet was looking well past its best and had been hidden away out of sight for a few years.  I thought I would devote some time to rejuvinating it and putting it back to good use.

I set about giving the cabinet an undercoat with Dulux "Overtly Olive" then left that to dry before applying petroleum jelly in random spots where the furniture would experience wear and tear over time.   Once this had dried I applied a top coat in "Craig & Rose Chalky Emulsion" from the Authentic Period Colours Range.   The next step was to line the inside of the drawers, I used some pretty wrapping paper designed in charming vintage prints and pastel colours.   

I then proceeded to sand down the cabinet to reveal some of the olive paint beneath and the original wood colouring to give it a chabby chic appearance.  I typed out some labels and fixed these to the drawer fronts with glue.  The cabinet is now fit for purpose once more and has been put to good use to store my herbs.


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My Boudoir         
One of the rooms in my home that has barely been touched apart from a coat of paint, some new wallpaper on the chimney breast wall and new soft furnishings to complement the colour scheme.  I am rather proud of this room but there will be a lot of work to do once I decide to start the renovation process to match the woodwork to the rest of the rooms throughout the house.     

I have a selection of trunks and hat boxes which make great storage for handbags, scarves and costume jewellery and these have been collected on my travels.  I also have a collection of Theatre Programmes from shows that I have seen over the years and some of these are displayed together on one wall.

                                                        I am happy with the look of this room at the present time considering that it has had minimal decoration work carried out on it.  Think I will leave it for the moment but I will keep you updated should I make any changes.