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Sunday, 25 September 2011

My Garden Project
You may look at some of the pictures of my garden before I started this project and wonder what possessed me to purchase the property in the first place.   There was actually no garden to speak of, just a long yard with an outbuilding which was the garage/workshop but as usual I had the foresight to see the potential.
  As you can see there was a lot of work to be done.  I came to an agreement with my neighbours to demolish the brick wall and recycle the bricks to make block paving and in it's place we installed some nice wooden fencing with concrete posts and base.  The cleaning of the bricks was painstakingly slow but well worth it in the end.
So I set to with the help of my father every weekend to chip the mortar and paint from the bricks.  I decided that because the garden was long and narrow the pathway leading to the top needed to be curved to add interest and detract from the length.  This made the job more complicated because the bricks had to be cut to adapt to the required shape.    

The pictures below show the site once the garage was demolished and the block paving work had begun.  I was already excited at the transformation.   Once the block paving was completed I painted the brickwork cream to match the rear of the property.

The garden is still evolving and there is still further work required to bring it to completion but I have a nice collection of containers for my herbs and plants purchased on my travels including an old tin bucket, bath and belfast sink and I am always on the lookout for items that will add interest.  I can honestly say it was worth all the hard work because I now have a garden to enjoy during the summer months, a far cry from the dingy back yard inherited with the purchase of the property.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Lounge Refurbishment update 
I have been a busy bee over the past few weekends making some new curtains for my lounge.    I decided it was time for a change and the swags and tails of 8 years had to go. Down they came and much to my amazement I sold them on e-bay, and am happy to say that they went to a new home where they will be appreciated for years to come.

Being on a tight budget I scoured the shops for some ready made curtains that I could adapt.  I eventually found some with a lovely Art Deco design at the top and matching cushions, which suited my style perfectly.  I purchased 2 sets of curtains at 66" wide by 90" drop, now I had to get my thinking cap on because the actual finished drop required would be 115".  Not to be deterred I purchased a further pair of curtains in black of a similar weight and matching colour and dismantled them, cut them into four pieces and stitched them to the bottom of the new curtains to bring them to the desired drop.  I made a pair of tie backs for the centre drapes from ribbon and added a tassel trim.

The curtains were slid onto a new pole fitted some weeks ago, wow what a transformation.
Before with Swags and Tails
After Swags and Tails were sold