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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

From Shabby to Chic in a weekend  
Take one Footstool

Being a lover of all things old and traditional pieces of furniture I could not bear to discard my footstool to the scrap heap so I decided to give it a revamp with some paint.  Firstly the stool was given a light sanding down and a base coat in "Verde Antique" from Kevin McLoud's Fired Earth collection.  This was then left to dry for the required time before moving on to the next stage.         

I strategically brushed on  petroleum jelly in different areas of the stool before proceeding to the second coat of paint.   I used "Stone Ochre" from the Fired Earth Collection for the second coat and this was then rubbed over lightly with fine sandpaper when dry to remove the top layer randomly, revealing the "Verde Antique" colour beneath and giving a distressed finish.   

I decided to decorate the top of the stool with a pretty stencil design using "Grape" and "Georgetown Lime" toned down with black.   Voila..... now the stool will be proudly displayed in my kitchen for all to see.

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