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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Summer Projects

I have been very busy over the summer months completing long overdue projects at the front of the property.  For some time I have been trying to locate a window company that would place PVC inserts into the existing original bay window of my Victorian property and finally found someone that was happy to take on the work at reasonable cost in comparison to some previous quotations received, and so work commenced in June to update the battered window frames and cracked panes of glass and I have to say I am thrilled with the finished product thanks to "The Great Big Window Company" from my home town of Doncaster.
Attic and Bay window before

If you look closely at the above picture the secondary double glazing in the bay window is damaged and the window frames on both windows are deteriorating badly and in need of painting.

Once work on the window fitting was complete and weather permitting of course I then hired a painter/decorator to spruce up the window frames and sills to blend in with the new windows, what a result, as good as new.

To complete the look at the front of the property I then decided to revamp the garden and to remove the old cracked paving slabs and replace them with a gravel pathway beneath the bay window.  The plan was to recycle the gravel by using to cover the newly laid liner on  the pathway and then to fill the plant borders to assist in keeping the soil moist.  The final stage was to dig the garden over and lay a new liner which would have a deep cover of plum slate.
1 tonne of gravel rear of property
Garden before
Pathway before
Pathway after

Looking good

Dad in action laying slate

The finished product
Thanks to my dad's hard work the slate was moved from the back of the property to the front in a couple of hours and it has totally transformed the look of the garden and saved me a lot of repetitive gardening.  The plum slate blends in nicely with most of the plants in the front garden which are mainly lavender, plum and white shades.  Now I can concentrate on my planting and colour scheming next year to bring it all together.

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