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Saturday, 21 April 2012

French Style Furniture

Baroque French Bed £900.00
French Rococo Furniture

If you are a fan of French Style Furniture there are many sites on the web to explore.  I have visited a selection just to see what is out there and to compare prices according to your budget.

There are also many sites specialising in Vintage style home accessories selling items such as photo frames, wall plaques, lighting and basketware for every room in the home, a good site to visit for such accessories is or Melody Maison.

For quality furniture visit:

Good luck with your search.

Classical White Rococo Bed by Sweet Pea And Willow

Classical white Alexa
Carved double Armoire
Sweet Pea and Willow
Double door Armoire
Antique White & Silver
French Rococo Furniture  

Looking for French Style Chairs
'Louis' style Cream
Occasional Chair £239.95
Melody Maison

Grand Louis £129.99


  1. Nice Blog. This is probably the most impressive collection of corner cabinet that i’ve ever seen as the free flowing curves and ornate design patterns along with the quality upholstery on all of these corner cabinet is simply outstanding and soothing to the eyes. I myself bought a couple of these French style corner cabinet at an unbelievable price from Englander Line furniture store in Croydon area.

  2. it could be expensive to you, but i shall explain why did we buy the things there.. Demir Leather