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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Darcey Ceiling Light 5 Arm
John Lewis

Brighten up your home in style with exceptional lighting, use ceiling lights, table lamps, wall lights and floor standing lamps to create instant character in your interior whatever the decor.
Ceiling and Wall
Create eye catching displays with stunning lighting designs from dainty ceiling lights to modern wall lights.
Estella Chandelier 5 Arm
John Lewis
Pendant Shades
Salima Ceiling Shade
John Lewis

Art Deco Lighting
Bel Air Wall Light
Arcadia Pendant Light

Rejuvination - Classical American Lighting - The Deco collection from the company "Rejuvination" comprises of angular and ornamental and Art Deco style of the 1930's (as above) and the clean aerodynamic look of the late 1930's.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Art deco (c.1908 to 1935)

Art deco began in Europe, particularly Paris, in the early years of the 20th century, but didn't really take hold until after World War I. It reigned until the outbreak of World War II.


  • geometric and angular shapes
  • chrome, glass, shiny fabrics, mirrors and mirror tiles
  • stylised images of aeroplanes, cars, cruise liners, skyscrapers
  • nature motifs - shells, sunrises, flowers
  • theatrical contrasts - highly polished wood and glossy black lacquer mixed with satin and furs


  • art nouveau - deco kept the nature motifs of its predecessor but discarded its flowing organic shapes and pastels for bolder materials and colours such as chrome and black
  • cubism -painters such as Picasso were experimenting with space, angles and geometry
  • early Hollywood - the glamorous world of the silver screen filtered through to design using shiny fabrics, subdued lighting, and mirrors. Cocktail cabinets and smoking paraphernalia became highly fashionable

Get the look

  • Furniture - choose strong, streamlined shapes for furniture and in single pieces rather than suites.
  • Fabrics - stick to plain or geometric fabrics and add highlights with cushions also in one solid block of colour.
  • Floors - plain polished parquet is perfect for floors. Linoleum in abstract designs or black and white chequerboard vinyl tiles are also typical.
  • Rugs - floors would have been overlaid with a large rug in geometric patterns. These were often handmade by artists such as Duncan Grant (of Bloomsbury Group fame).
  • Fireplaces - fireplaces should be rectangular and bold. Surrounds were often tiled in pink, green or beige. They were made of concrete and not many survive today.
  • Colour - halls suit bold colour schemes such as silver, black, chrome, yellow and red. Creams, greens and beige, or oyster and eau-de-nil suit living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Cupboards - cabinets, wardrobes, etc should be in pale veneered wood and simple shapes in keeping with the light, airy feel.
  • Design - the stepped profile is the epitome of the art deco shape, found everywhere from uplighters to picture surrounds. Also look for zigzags, chevrons and lightning bolts.
  • Lighting - lights featuring female figures holding the ball of the lamp are typical and good reproductions abound. Also look for chrome, a brand new material at the time, and glass. Glass would have been etched, sandblasted or enamelled rather than coloured.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Design Inspiration
For all you interior design fans out there you must check out Kelly Hoppen's "Superior Interiors" on Channel 5 Tuesday evenings or why not watch it on catch up tv.  Her interiors are truly inspiring.  I am fortunate enough to have been presented with a copy of her book "Kelly Hoppen Home from Concept to Reality" which I will read avidly from cover to cover.

The book  guides you through 5 stages - Part 1 The Design Process
                                                                      - Part 2 Design and Decoration
                                                                      - Part 3 Furniture and Furnishings
                                                                      - Part 4 Feeding the Senses
                                                                      - Part 5 Room by Room

It is packed with colour photographs guiding you through the entire process of a designing a home from concept to reality and provides invaluable advice and inspiration that will enable homeowners to restyle and redecorate their homes with confidence.  A highly recommended read.