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Friday, 31 December 2010

A Story of 
My Dining Room Project

Decision made,  I simply could not live with the hideous wallpaper and carpet any longer, which was on show for all to see in my dining room, time for a revamp.  

Little did I know what lurked beneath the wallpaper and plaster and what work lie ahead.  Not to be deterred I forged ahead, after all it was my decision to live in a Victorian town house.  Off came the wallpaper and some of the old plaster too so there was no other option than to remove the plaster completely.  It was a difficult task just lifting the hammer drill to remove the plaster from the walls but thanks to my neighbours this was achieved.

What remained was not a pretty sight but I knew that the builder would be able to give me the desired finish.  With new electric sockets, switch and light fitting in place and all walls plaster-boarded and skimmed I set to preparing the floorboards for sanding.  I worked hard to bring the floorboards back to a desirable standard, filling all the gaps between and coating them with layers of coloured varnish.

The time had come to relocate my furniture including my refurbished bookcase, which now stands where there once would have been a fireplace and  I added a few personal touches.  The fruits of my labour can be seen in the pictures to follow. 


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