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Sunday, 8 July 2012

A touch of Morocco

If you are looking to create a Moroccan theme into your interior there are many websites out there offering a wealth of ideas and products.  Maroque is a UK shopping site offering a wide variety of lanterns, lamps and furniture which can be incorporated into both traditional and modern interiors.  Their website also has features on decoration ideas and travel as well as cookery information.

Tea glasses x 6 £16.50
Tagine Large £32.00
Lantern by Maroque
Tagines are very fashionable at present and Maroque stock a wide selection in various sizes, colours and patterns.  There are also a stunning collection of lanterns to suit all budgets in brass, silver effect, iron and antique finishes and glass inserts.

A neutral interior
Neutral earthy tones

White Candle - Marrakech Furniture range - Moroccan style furniture in embossed metal over a wooden base
Nest of tables £29.95
2 drawer bedside cabinet
Large square mirror £130.19

Rug - Moroccan Caravan
Traditional Moroccan table
Moroccan style with a modern twist
Simply stunning
Feeling inspired then why not visit for a wealth of ideas on creating a taste of Morocco or  for some stunning furniture.

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