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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Winter Warmer  
I thought I would share my newest project with you in my lounge refurbishment.  Unfortunately I do not have a chimney breast wall and feature fireplace in my lounge, the chimney breast wall was removed many years ago by a previous occupant of my home.  I have been researching my options for some time now and have come up with a temporary solution which I think will work well.  I  found this charming gas bottle heater on my research on the internet which replicates a wood burning stove.  It is my intention to have the hearth area tiled in a slate effect to house the stove and to give the appearance of a fireplace but at a budget cost.
Above and below are pictures of what currently lies beneath the carpet underlay...this area will be tiled to make a permanent home for the heater to stand on.  Some of the original tiles are still in place, some are damaged and the remainder are missing so re-tiling is in the only option at the present time.   Updated photographs of the finished project will be available upon completion.

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  1. Out standing. I am looking to put a fire place in our house, as well as heater similar to that in my bedroom.
    I hope all goes well on the project! Check Home Depo or Lowes, I think they have ways to add those to your home. There is also the channel where they redo house, they have tons of ides. (sorry I do remember site, but if you know the program, you can find it easy.)