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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Take two old rusty lamps 

I have been having a clear out in my cellar recently and I came across these two old rusty lamps which I thought had great potential for a revamp.  I started by rubbing over them with course wire wool to remove any loose rust before applying a special paint for metal which acts as a primer and undercoat.

This was left to dry overnight to ensure that it adhered sufficiently to the metal.  Though I have a confession to make, they were then  left unattended for over a week due to other commitments, before adding a coat of Fired Earth "Verd-Antique" in a matt finish.  I will have to give them a second coat of "Verd-Antique" for a more polished finish but I am sure you will agree a little time spent on these lamps has brought them back to life.  They will look great lit up at night for a summer evening barbeque.  


  1. How adorable....makes great outdoor lighting on the deck.....