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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Oxford Stone No. 264

The Colours of Farrow & Ball
One of my favourite suppliers of paints in traditional colours has to be Farrow & Ball who have just introduced their new colour range.  The latest colours to be added to their range are Oxford Stone, Manor House Gray, Mizzle, Dove Tale, Charlotte's Locks, Cabbage White, Calluna, Brassica and Plummett.

Oxford Stone is named after stone that was used in Oxfordshire village houses.  This colour can be used to create a warm inviting decoration scheme.

In the above scheme:  Wall = Oxford Stone No. 264
                                        Ceiling & Cornice = Blue Ground No. 210
                                        Far Door = Folly Green No. 76
                                       Stool = All White No. 2005

Brassica No 271

This is a very modern scheme that uses traditional colours.
In picture right:  Wall = Brassica No. 271
                              Ceiling & Chair (left) = Stone Blue No. 86
                              Far Door = Manor House Gray No. 265
                             Chair  (right) and table = Cornforth White         
                             No. 228     

Plummett No. 272

Plummett is named after the lead weight used to sink a fishing line.  It is a mid-tone grey and is suitable for interior and exterior use.  This was often seen in Gothic Architecture.

In picture left:   Wall = Plummett No. 272
                              Ceiling = Arsenic No. 214
                              Table = Down pipe No. 26
                              Chairs = Blackened No. 2011

I am sure that you will agree that these are brave choices of colour but used in the right surroundings complement each other        

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