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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A Story of Restoration        
From bedroom to office

I had a dilemma with this project, not only did I require an office space but I also needed a bedroom for guests to stay.  My decision was to create an office space with a sofa bed incorporated into the final scheme.  This would make the best use of space but I would still have the capacity to have friends to stay over when required. 


The whole room was covered in wood-chip wallpaper and a highly patterned carpet.  The carpet was one of the first items to be removed, revealing floorboards that were in excellent condition and only required a good clean with hot soapy water and a stiff scrubbing brush.  This was followed by a fine layer of nitromorse and course wire wool in stubborn areas then finished off with a light sanding.  All gaps were filled between the boards to cut out draughts.  The floor was coated with several layers of antique pine varnish once all the decorating was completed.

I removed the wallpaper with a steamer and had some of the walls plaster skimmed due to their poor condition.  Additional electric sockets and a new light fitting were installed, the Moroccan style light shade was purchased some months earlier from T.K. Maxx.

I stripped all the skirting boards and the built in wardrobe back to their original wood using a heat gun and nitromorse and wire wool then applied several coats of antique pine coloured varnish.

The paint finish on the chimney breast wall is a traditional colour from the Craig & Rose Opulence collection called Dark Chocolate in a matt finish.  To contrast with this the rest of the room was painted in a Vinyl Soft Sheen finish from Dulux called Javan Dawn, a very delicate blue similar to Duck Egg blue.  The ceiling and coving were painted in Ivory matt finish and the woodwork in antique pine varnish.

My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to remove the plain outdated door panel suspecting that the original panelled door was hidden beneath.  My instinct was right, the original door had been covered in an old oil glazed paint finish with a combed pattern through the glaze to create a wood grain effect.  I proceeded to remove the oil glaze and took the door back to it's original colour.  This was also finished in antique pine varnish to complement the rest of the woodwork.

Finishing touches were added, a wooden venetian blind at the window and a beautiful selection of cushions for the sofa in brown, teal and gold and storage baskets and boxes for books and papers.  Now I have a lovely room where I can sit and work at my pc and the sofa converts into a bed for guests.


Panelled door before

January 2011

January 2011


  1. You did an amazing job! It looks beautiful. I love the wall color!
    I'm your newest follower, I found you on blog frog~

  2. OMG! I especially love your color scheme. You did great. Following you!

  3. Oh How lovely! I need a home office/studio/craft room/guest room/lock the door leave me ALONE!! room? ha ha Nice to meet you;) I have been away, but I am back now. Come over and visit if you get a min,I have some great friends. Now I am off to see what else you have here in this cute place:)

  4. What a pretty header! You certainly stay busy huh?!!